Sitting Group 2 June 2014Age on Stage is a dance performance group for seniors aged 60 plus and based at the Island Art Centre in Lisburn. The Group performs at the Studio Theatre, Island Arts Centre and by invitation throughout Northern Ireland. Age on Stage welcomes complete beginners and those who have prior dance experience – everyone can join in regardless of ability, agility or mobility.  Most of the music that the group rehearse and perform to is from the 1940/50/60’s and particularly songs with great lyrics that everyone can sing along to as they enjoy all the action!

Age On Stage

Age on Stage Committee The Committee is made up of Age on Stage members who meet approximately 3times a year to plan activities.

  • Chair – Jackie Moreland
  • Secretary – Yvonne Robinson
  • Tutor/Choreographer – Anthea McWilliams
  • Administrator – Sharon Adams

Age on Stage has received funding from the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland through the Turkington Fund, Lisburn Arts Advisory Committee, Tesco Charity Trust and the Belfast Cathedral Sit-out Appeal. The Group is extremely grateful for this support and also for the ongoing assistance provided by the Island Arts Centre.